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A princess can only be accompanied by a prince who is as well dressed as she is!

Cavallini Style creates dancewear for men for Standard, Latin American and Caribbean dance.

Thanks to his great capability and flexibility, Cavallini can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a dancer at first glance, and so he creates outfits especially for the individual, which are appropriate for the specific type of dance, and which enhance the stronger points of his physique and personality.

In creating a garment, it is necessary that there is a fair compromise between comfort and beauty.

Cavallini Fashion house is able to do all this, since customers have the good fortune of having a former dancer as their fashion designer, who is intimately aware of all the dynamics that develop on stage, and all the features that a dance costume must possess to allow the dancer to feel at ease with himself and with his dance partner. Cavallini Style creates only the best for his dancers.

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