Cavallini Style was founded in 2016 by Sandro Cavallini, athlete, dancer, teacher, judge and ultimately designer.

The fashion house creates dancewear and accessories for men, women and children, particularly for Standard, Latin American and Caribbean dance.

Competence, professionalism and punctuality have characterized Fashion house Cavallini, from its inception – always able to satisfy the many needs of each client.

Its strength lies in the excellent relationships that is establishes with its clients, accompanying them throughout the process of garment design and creation: from conception until actual completion.

The Cavallini team is always ready to take on any challenge, showing off new ideas, giving advice, suggesting which fabrics would better suit the customer, and would enhance the type of dance for which it is destined.

Beauty and functionality is the perfect combination that identifies designer clothes by Cavallini, offering the highest quality and always pursuing the very best.

The materials used in the making of the clothes come from a company in London which mainly specializes in the production of such fabrics, so it guarantees the right comfort in terms of length and width of the dance movements.

At the same time, the designer also enhances the appearance of the garment, which is extremely important because if it is prepared well, and in detail, it will better highlight the movements made as well as the dancer’s personality.

Cavallini Style garments are in high demand by the greatest professionals in the dance world, thanks to their uniqueness, originality and quality.
Each dance outfit is conceived and designed on the customer, respecting all of their ideas and requirements. Each piece is unique, ensuring the exclusivity of the style of the dancer wearing it.
The fashion house’s team of dressmakers craft the dresses with high quality materials and tailor them according to the rules of great Italian couture .

All our rooms sanitized and ready to welcome you in respect of everyone's safety.

Sandro Cavallini

Sandro Cavallini has been an athlete, dancer, teacher and judge of international competitions.
In 1998 he participated in theworld dance championship in South Africa, and won the finalist position.

Cavallini’s distinguishing feature has always primarily been his emphasis on his look which, since his early successes, he never neglected; he always designed and created new outfits for himself, for his partners, and his students.

Choosing clothing was not his only interest; he has always taken care of the other dancers, helping with their makeup, wigs, and also organizing the scenography of the performances, in order to enhance his garments through stage lighting.

Overall, these many passions have made possible the opening of the fashion house, an enterprise that has complemented his main employment as teacher.


Interview by TuttoBallo20

The TuttoBallo20 magazine of February interviewed Sandro Cavallini also dedicating the cover to him. Read here the interview in pdf format

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